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O-kay! My patreon is live, it’s beautiful, it’s ready to go and ready to be advertised with a prettier post than just a link.

What is Patreon? It's a crowdfunding platform taking a cue from Kickstarter that allows you to support artists, developers and creators through crowdfunding- you may only pledge on dollar a month, but if a hundred people do that, you can seriously help an artist out!

Why do I need a Patreon? As a mentally ill NB person I have pretty daunting medical bills, and as 21 year old college dropout living alone without support, keeping myself afloat is more difficult than I am comfortable letting on. Donating to my patreon will help me keep making time to produce the free content I love creating and you love seeing.

So far there are two donation tiers:

•$1 Tier: For pledging one dollar a month, you get access to backer only updates on projects and art, like wips and screenshots.

•$5 Tier: For pledging five dollars a month, you get that same backer only wip access, along with access to .PSD downloads to some of my finished works so you can see all the layers and sketchwork that goes into a creation. I’ll try and keep this as updated as best I can, and feel free to request .PSDs from finished works in my galleries!

In the future I plan to start a monthly raffle for backers and give away a free print every month to the people supporting me. I would also like to start posting walkthroughs and tutorials for backers! Thank you for reading and for your support. Even if you can’t donate, a signal boost would be much appreciated! Have a lovely day.

Draikinator’s Patreon Here


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Nate Schoonover
Artist | Professional | Digital Art
United States
I do not take requests. Do not use my art in your youtube videos without my permission. Do not reupload to 9gag, cheezburger, 4chan, zerochan, weheartit, or ANYWHERE without my permission.

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