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November 19, 2012


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Dear :icondabridge: has been so swamped with school at whatnot, he never finished the Lost Silver games. Tragically unfortunate, because while only the author knows all of the game's secrets, the only one else who knew the whole story was him. He did, however, pass on several very juicy tidbits to me so I could complete this promo piece to keep people itnerested in the project:

Ashes by Draikinator

The original name for this section of the game was called Lost Silver: Ashes, and that is what I'll be referring to it as in the future, for the sake of convenience.

Anyway, the lovely :iconanonpaul: was kind enough to send me a link this morning/evening (timezones man) with a very interesting link.

It appears that the author of Lost Silver has indeed returned.

I was, of course, initially skeptical, immediately deciding the writing style was not the same as the original- that it was just impossible. It's been two years. Why bother? But the excuse makes sense, and the other did post it to 4chan initially- meaning it was a site he used. /v/ and /x/ even. However, I pulled up the information in my inbox, the morsels Reidd leaked long long ago, and the original script for Lost Silver Hidden, and compared notes.

This is it.

This story fits the details provided over a year ago accurately and without being awkwardly added to give it credibility. I am confident that this is the story legitimately included in Lost Silver.

If you're reading this sir, and I hope you are.

Thank you.

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LightCloud-DarkCloud Nov 27, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Another Lost Silver?! Shut up and take my money. If it existed, and I would still want to read story. Checkers.
NekoRory Nov 19, 2012  Student General Artist
Read it yesterday. I think it's amazing how stories continue. I like poképastas, hacks, I would try to catch 'M on my Yellow version, if I weren't afraid to ruin it... I just hope people will continue to make those creepy hacks... And call me if you discover another ARG like the Purin's one!
Jesus H. Fucking Christ, you do NOT mess with that Ho-Oh. I actually tried to imagine what its version of the wild battle theme would sound like, and I think it'd actually sound awesome if it were real. It's unfortunate that the parts likely won't be incorporated into the fangame, then.

Like I suspected, he pretty much roasted the fuck out of Gold for even attempting to capture it. Or maybe Ho-Oh was enraged for some other reason. I don't know and I don't want to know...yet.
Draikinator Nov 19, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
Well, as you remember, the metaphorical meaning of Lost Silver was that after you've died, life continues without you. You die int he end and no one remembers you.
Ho-Oh is the Phoenix pokemon, based on death and rebirth from ashes and flames.
Perhaps it is implying that Gold tried to selfishly achieve immortality and was punished for this crime?
That's VERY close to what I had in mind ever since I heard of that specific part. In fact, it's a more elaborate version.

I always kind of assumed that Gold thought that "with a deity as Ho-Oh on my side, I'll never be forgotten even centuries after my death". But that's the thing: Ho-Oh is among the strongest Pokémon; a godly force. You can't just capture it like that. Even Celebi can't do much to it. I guess Gold knows jack shit about base stats.

This is also why he can't bring himself to send out Typhlosion--he figured that Celebi, as a legendary Pokémon, might have a chance, but an ordinary Pokémon would be outright killed.

(but hey Celebi got fucked up hard too)
Draikinator Nov 19, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
Hubris is what killed him. :P
Celebi is the god of time after all.
Though, I do find it intesrting that in a SILVER game he goes for the Gold version legend.... itneresting.
I think it's like the combined forces of Hubris, Ho-Oh and that one Japanese detective who got assraped by his Pokémon Red cartridge. You know, the "Come Follow Me" guy who got swarmed by eyeless kids?

And it's indeed intestine that he went after the opposite legend. But keep in mind: In-game, the opposite was 'stronger' (found at a higher level), which kind of compounds the whole "Catching Ho-Oh will make me immortal/forever remembered" as it's practically considered to be 'stronger' than Lugia in that game.

(Oh and to be fair, Celebi isn't really a god of time IMO. I'm not gonna bring up Dialga, don't get me wrong, but Celebi's not much more than a strong Pokémon that can cross through time. It can't do much else with it.)
Draikinator Nov 19, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
haha I hated that one lol.

intestine lol!!!!
There is of coursethe plotline in Gold version that didn't get edited out of the final script, wherein a little girl is lost in the tin tower and her grandfather is looking forever. It's speculated that she died in the fire, but the girl reunites with her grandfather because ho-oh ressurected her.
Ho-oh is referenced in game as restorer of life; the phoenix not only has immortal life but can grant it.
I'm sticking with Gold fearing death and wanting to escape it- and failing.

Ahhhh but, there is a shrine to Celebi in the game. The locals worship celebi as a deity, the guardian of the forest and the guardian of time. It exists as infinite in every second of every reality- and this is before those games were even thought of, and lost silver is based with that in mind, I do believe.

Well, I guess it's just a misconception of those people calling it a god of time as opposed to a being that can partially control it. I don't think it can make it flow in reverse or stop it or whatever.
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